June 6, 2014

i was sitting alone in my home
when an elephant sat on my comb
i didn’t despair
as i ain’t got no hair
and in any case, no one was there

May 21, 2014

a company, once standing tall
crashed right into a moral brick wall
“gee, we wish we could say
emm, what got in our way
but we honestly just can’t recall’

May 13, 2014

in the world of the hip lipid flies
lived eight londoners spying on eyes
they’d insipidly surf
giving lip, giving birf
to an octopus telling pork pies

May 4, 2014

little lottie who lived in botswana
met a hottie inside a banana
but now gone is the day
one can eat crème brûlée
en français, angleterre or españa

April 29, 2014

the philosopher known as john searle
thought the mind to be quite like a pearl
the brain is the oyster
that moister and moister
becomes the mysterious girl

April 25, 2014

the philosopher john stuart mill
was feeling increasingly ill
he needed a liver
but met with no giver
well - none acting out of free will

April 24, 2014

a cambridge philosopher, boating
wrote an article called “on denoting”
said meinong’s second daughter
“it doesn’t hold water -
not unlike a good ship when it’s floating”

April 22, 2014

the philosopher alex meinong
had been known to just break out in song -
“a girl i once kissed
said she didn’t exist
even though she was singing along”

April 21, 2014
"The world spins on its axis - one man works while another relaxes."

— Mark Corrigan, Peep Show

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April 21, 2014

the philosopher colin mcginty
said his eyes felt a little bit squinty
he believed that he knew
all his laundry turned blue
but it just was a little bit linty

April 17, 2014


come she will